Southern Sweden » Nordöstra Skåne

Northeast Skåne – The green Skåne

Activate your inner self

People are of the highest importance in this the north-eastern green corner of Skåne. The unspoilt scenery, the quiet and open spaces will afford you the space to contemplate, to be and get in touch with your inner self. Here is scope as well as possibilities. And it is your mood and requirements that will determine if the long sandy beaches, salt baths and newly caught eel with ice cold Absolut Vodka is for you. Or would you rather challenge body and soul and enjoy the surroundings on foot, cycling, from the water or on horseback.

A meeting of minds
The future meets the past in this exciting cultural environment with its well kept castles and you are there to play an active part today. In Wanås castle art, nature and history goes hand in hand and in Hovdala Castle you can clearly see 500 years of history. Rare plants and animals can be seen in the biosphere area of Kristianstad’s water world and you can learn from experts about the ecological systems and the interaction between man and environment. Meeting like-minded people will give you the inspiration to find new interests.

The good life is close
The good life in this green corner of Skåne will ensure a good nights sleep, fantastic dinner experiences and the urge and energy to try something new. Here everything is close by. Go for a morning dip in the ocean, browse through the lively shopping centre of Kristianstad, have a nice lunch and finish the day playing golf while the sun sets gently over the green fields. And if you have been here once you will want to return.

In less than 1.5 hours from Copenhagen you can transfer to a canoe or a sailing boat, you can go to the beach, go for a hike or try a moose safari!

In the northeastern part of Skåne there are adventures for all. And you will remember them always.
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