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Halland - a world of possibilities!
Start your next journey at now! This is where you can find offers from high quality tourism and event companies in Halland, as well as basic information about how best to plan your stay in this fascinating region. Special tourist packages are being continually developedin the following six different product areas throughout the region.

Sea & Coast
Halland’s coastline is unique. You will be met by varied, thrilling scenery, including over 120 nature reserves, there is a range of entertainments and shopping that is without parallel in Sweden and everything is within easy reach. Some of Sweden’s most famous beaches are found by the coastal towns of Varberg, Halmstad and Falkenberg, such as Tylösand, Skrea and Apelviken. Discover Halland’s coast road, which winds along the coast between Halmstad and Falkenberg and offers a large number of interesting places to visit. Halland is also a popular health region, with famous spa and wellness facilities. There are also plenty of opportunities for excellent shopping, with the shopping area in Ullared playing a major role.

Forests & Lakes
Halland’s inland areas shouldn’t just be visited, they should be experienced! You can find verdant forests that cover half the county, thriving rural areas, magical lakes and long rivers with unique salmon fishing and even real wilderness for hunting. There are plenty of ways to get around; canoe, bicycle, horseback or on foot, and there are lots of walking, water and cycle trails for every requirement.

Golf & Greens
Halland is a golf region you should experience to understand! Regardless of the level of your game, beginner or professional, we can guarantee that you find your favourite course here. “Norra banan” in Tylösand, Hamra in Kungsbacka and “Varberg Västra” are all courses that are always up at the top when Sweden’s best courses are nominated. But there is much more on offer and the variety is greater than this, from leafy forest courses to undulating heathland courses over a large geographic range. Along with high quality golf and accommodation we provide attractive, value-for-money golf packages deals.

Meetings & Conferences
Halland is a region with a high level of growth! There is a palette of inspiring surroundings for all types of meetings and conferences, from launches with the staff to really big congresses. Are you looking for a conference hotel by the seaside, or a meeting place in the forest’s greenery? Is tranquillity or activity your priority? Book now, because you’ll find it in Halland!

Food & Drink
Halland’s culinary life is a well-balanced combination of coast and inland, and during this gastronomic journey we collect ingredients from the sea, lakes, rivers, fields and forest. Some of the local specialities are delicious green cabbage, spicy horseradish and naturally, the famous salmon and shellfish. Whether you choose simpler taverns or well-reputed gourmet restaurants, in the countryside or on the coast, you can look forward to an exciting, varied menu that is full of tradition.

Entertainment & Events
Halland is the place to be in the summer, when some of the cities and beaches are classed as some of Sweden’s most popular entertainment centres. There are popular events and festivals, pulsing nightlife, famous theatre performances, concerts with major artists and interesting sports events. There is also an extensive variety of culture, with exhibitions, museums and art galleries.

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