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Skåneleden & Region Skåne's Recreation Areas 

Walking the Skåneleden trail is a thrilling adventure with a fantastic variety of natural and cultural experiences. The Skåneleden trail consists of approximately 1000 km of walking trails; it is easy to follow due to the orange markings painted around trees and posts. There are signposts where the path changes direction. To walk Skåneleden you will need sturdy shoes or boots and waterproof clothing. Take a packed lunch and something hot to drink. The trail is divided into six sections, each of which has stages of varying length and campsites with wind shelters, fireplaces, wood, an earth toilet and, in most cases, water. If water is not available at the campsite it can be found along the trail. Each part of Skåneleden has its own map.

  • The coast to coast trail, 367 km
    The coast to coast trail is the oldest trail. It stretches from Sölvesborg in the east to the Bjäre Peninsular in the west. The trail passes through the deep forests of Göinge, through ancient small-scale farmland, across open agricultural landscapes and past wide views of the sea. There are two maps for the coast to coast trail, “Kust till Kust Ost” (east) and “Kust till Kust Väst” (west).
  • The ridge to ridge trail, 140km
    The ridge to ridge trail goes from Söderåsen to Linderödsåsen, or vice versa. In Söderåsen the trail passes through the wild Söderåsen National Park, then on through the ancient settlements of central Skåne and, in the east, along Linderödsåsen to the Österlen trail. The ridge to ridge trail is available on one map.
  • The North to South trail, 331 km
    The North to South trail stretches from the area around Vittsjö in northern Skåne down to Ystad, Malmö or Trelleborg. The trail provides a journey from the wild forests of Göinge in the north down to the open plains and the sea in the south. The North to South trail is available on two maps, “Nord till Syd Nord” (north) and “Nord till Syd Syd” (south).
  • The Österlen trail, 165 km
    The Österlen trail is a circular trail, with a good starting point in Ystad. The trail goes through farmland and past castles, along idyllic waterways and through Österlen’s attractive cultural landscape where you walk “with one foot in the sea”. The Österlen trail is available on one map.

A new trail along Skåne’s west coast, the Öresund trail, from Helsingborg to Malmö, is under construction and will be ready in the next year or so. Maps for the Skåneleden trail’s various sections are available at the nearest tourist office or can be ordered from


Fulltofta Nature Centre

Fulltofta Nature Centre is in the middle of Skåne – a modern experiential centre for all your senses, focusing on people and nature. At Fulltofta you can find out how mankind has affected nature and left traces behind in different time periods. The building has a living exhibition that generates enthusiasm and activity. There are secrets that can only be touched by hand, that can be seen when you peek in or listened to when you put your ear close by. The exhibition also has explanatory fact sheets – written by experts – for those who want to know more, as well as films about Skåne’s recreation areas. There is a café and a cosy fireplace for when the weather gets rough. Outside, there are many paths that lead you straight out into Skåne’s countryside.

Region Skåne’s recreation areas
Skåne has recreation areas for everyone, regardless of whether you are a dedicated nature lover or just want to relax. Region Skåne manages around twenty recreation areas that are equipped for outdoor activities where you can walk, fish, paddle, bathe or just enjoy the scenery. Half of the recreation areas are partly wheelchair friendly.

For more information please contact:
Fulltofta Naturcentrum
+46 415 51245 or visit the Website
Brochures about Skåne’s recreation areas can be ordered from

Skåneleden, Region Skåne's Recreation Areas & Fulltofta Nature Centre
Skåneleden, Region Skåne's Recreation Areas & Fulltofta Nature Centre