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Walking into the Hallwyl Museum – a Continental-style town residence in the centre of Stockholm – whisks you 100 years back in time. Here you can learn the fascinating story of the von Hallwyl family and the magnificent home they created around the turn of the 20th century.

Wilhelmina von Hallwyl was one of Swedens's great collectors of art, as well as applied art, and she also collected more down-to-earth items. With its 2,200 square metres and about 40 rooms with exclusive decor in different historical styles, the house contains one of Sweden's largest collections of art, porcelain and antique furniture.

Opening hrs:  1/1-30/6, 1/9-30/12
Tues., Thurs.-Sun. 11.45–16.00
Wednesday 11.45–19.00
Tues.-Sun. 11.45–18.00 
Season:  All year 
Price:  SEK 50/80. Admission free for persons aged up to 19 
Location:  In centre of Stockholm 

Hallwyl Museum
Hallwyl Museum
Hamngatan 4, SE-111 47 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 402 30 99