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At the technical museum you can explore and find out how everything works. This is an exciting trip from the industrial beginnings to the grand visions of the future. Since its beginnings in 1936, the museum has been visited by millions of inquisitive children and adults wanting to see, know and understand the technological wonders of society. Here’s something for all! Try out what it feels to be an astronaut in a space adventure or let go in Teknorama and try some experiments. Visit the machinery hall and go down the mines, be inspired by inventions or have a look at Uno Milton’s incredible model railway. Experience a film with your whole body in Cino4, the only 4D-cinema in Sweden. Experience 3Dfilms with chairs that moves, gusts of wind and scents – all your senses will experience the film about science, energy and technology.

Opening hrs:  Mon-Tues: 10-17, Wed 10-20,
Thurs-Fri: 10-17
Sat-Sun: 11-17, all year 
Price:  Child: 40 SEK, Adult: 70 SEK
(28/1-6/11 Adult: 160 SEK,
Children 95 SEK)
Location: Stockholm 

Tekniska Museet
Tekniska Museet
Museivägen 7, SE-115 93 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 450 56 00
Fax: +46 8 450 56 01