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The Tobacco & Match Museum is a museum of industrial and cultural history with extensive collections detailing the history of Swedish tobacco and matches.

The Tobacco Museum was founded in 1938. The objects collected came from some of the hundreds of tobacco factories operating in Sweden prior to 1915, when the tobacco monopoly was instituted.

In 1965, the Tobacco Museum moved to Skansen, and in 2000, it was complemented with a match-related section and changed its name to the Tobacco & Match Museum. The museum houses a tobacco factory, where historic brands are manufactured on authentic old machinery.

Opening hrs:  Tuesday-Friday 11-15,
Saturday-Sunday 11-16.
Closed on Mondays. 
Season:  All year 
Price:  Free entrance 
Location:  Djurgårdsslätten 49-51 

Tobaks & Tändsticksmuseum
Tobaks & Tändsticksmuseum
P. O. Box 27807, SE-115 93 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 442 80 26