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What can you do in Väddöbygden?
The canal between Väddö and the mainland was dug between 1820 and 1840 by the Swedish armed forces. From 1855 the canal had regular steam boat traffic, first with the s/s Roslagen, and then the Waxholmsbolaget until the early 1950s, when land transport took over.

The silent canal and its sometimes steep banks are a fascinating experience. They send your thoughts to the many men who dug and dug and dug...

Väddöbygden is also well situated for those travelling by car and bus. It is just over an hour from Stockholm, Uppsala and Gävle, making it a perfect destination for a day trip. The many resourceful traders will make your visit extra pleasant... Come and say hello!

    From Singö in the north to Arholma in the south, and from almost-Åland in the east and to a little way onto the mainland, is "Väddöland”. This is where optimism reigns.
  • There are around 4,100 homes for permanent residents and about the same number of holiday homes.
  • Over the next decade a further 300 new homes will be built here, including some by Väddö Canal where the municipality's highest apartment block (15 floors) is planned.
  • Road 283 is the area's artery, carrying around 1,500,000 vehicles every year.
  • Another artery, Väddö Canal, transports 22,000 boats annually under the bridge in Elmsta.
  • Eckerö Linjen carried around 1 million passengers between Grisslehamn and Eckerö on Åland every year.
  • There are six schools in the area (primary and high school, and sixth form), as well as a folk high school.
  • The wonderful countryside of Roslagen, with the sea, fields, coastal meadows, rocks and extensive forests, gives strength and courage to everyone.
  • There are places of national interest, including Grisslehamn, Arholma, Singö, Barnens Ö, Väddö Canal and Vikingalunden's folkpark in Elmsta.
  • Väddöbygden is populated by energetic people and varied association and organisations. A community that is full of life!

Where is Väddöbygden?
Väddö lies between Sweden and Åland. This is where the sun first rises, but it's still hard to find the time to do and experience all the interesting things in the area.

The season has a sneak preview at the end of January, when we traditionally celebrate the return of summer by eating ice cream, burning the Christmas tree and singing songs about spring!

It's all go from May until September, with the cows being let out to pasture, Walpurgis bonfires, singalong evenings, concerts, ElmstaNatta, Grisslehamn Days, flea markets, a secret fort, cow safari, and much much more. As if all the events weren't enough, there are museums dotted about, local heritage centres, churches, bathing spots, fishing shops, great fishing, view points of international class... phew!

During the rest of the year another Väddö appears. That's when you can meet the people who are influenced by both light breezes and bitter north wind, see sea eagle, elk, wild boar and heron... and enjoy the peace and quiet.

You can choose when you want to visit, you're always welcome.

Väddö Tourist Council
Väddö Tourist Council is an umbrella organisation for the tourist industry in Väddöbygden, which works voluntarily to inform people around the world about Väddö's unique assets.
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