The Swedish Tourist Gala

Winners of the 2010 Travel and Tourism Awards

The Swedish Travel and Tourism Gala delivered its annual shower of prizes as the winners of the Grand Prize for Tourism, the TRIP Awards and international TRIP Global Award were announced. This is the 17th consecutive year that the Foundation for the Promotion of Expertise in Tourism has presented the Grand Prize for Tourism on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The Grand Prize for Tourism honours an exemplary enterprise demonstrating innovation, internationalization, quality or sustainability which has helped to develop tourism in Sweden. The award ceremony was held in cooperation with the RTS during the Swedish Tourism Gala at Stockholm Concert Hall.

Grand Prize for Tourism - Fotografiska: Communication and Marketing Director and Founder Per Broman, Vice President Charlotte Wiking, CEO & Founder Jan BromanTrip Award - STF: Press Officer/PR Jenny Engstrom, Project leader Maria SkarveTrip Global Award - RTS: CEO Jan Lundin, Trade Minister Ewa Björling, Division Manager Peter Henricss

  • The Grand Prize for Tourism
    Winner: Fotografiska

    "We are impressed by the enthusiasm and drive of Fotografiska. It's great that a world-renowned and trend-setting attraction has taken shape and developed a soul in the space of just half a year. This is, to say the least, worthy of praise – and this year's award", says Björn Eriksson, former national police commissioner and current chair of the Foundation for the Promotion of Expertise in Tourism.

    "In a very short time Fotografiska has created a world-class Swedish attraction in Stockholm. Through a bold and innovative venture in the potential of photography as a medium they have created crowd-pulling exhibitions, a meeting place for knowledge, experiences and training.

    "The aim of the Grand Prize for Tourism, promoting development in the tourism industry, has indeed been achieved through the successful collaboration between amateur and professional photographers. That Fotografiska has also established itself in an industrial heritage site with all conceivable facilities is evidence of a business of a business that is not only in tune with the times but is also a force for the future."

    In line with the objectives of the Grand Prize for Tourism – to reward the winner's activities in the Swedish tourism industry, to share knowledge and teach by example – the prize money of SEK 100,000 will be used to organize and document an open seminar based on the winner's business activities.

    Other finalists were Skogens Konung (Wild Sweden), Orsa Grönklitt, Älgens Hus (Elk House), Kosta Boda Art Hotel and Lokalproducerat i Väst.

  • TRIP Global Award - "Best Experience in Sweden"
    Winner: Göta Kanal Rederi (The Göta Canal Steamship Company Ltd.)

    "The best experience in Sweden" award was chosen by foreign tour operators from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia and the United States. The jury is appointed by Visit Sweden and consists of tour operators from each country. The prize, established by the Swedish Travel and Tourist Industry Federation (RTS), in cooperation with Visit Sweden, was presented by Ewa Björling, Minister for Trade in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

    The international "TRIP Global Award," awarded for the third year for "The Best Experience in Sweden". Last year's winner was the Vasa Museum. Behind the award is RTS in cooperation with Visit Sweden. The aim is to find out what foreign visitors want to do in Sweden and highlight those who offer Sweden's best experience. "Again, a very exciting final where many of this year's newcomers received high rankings," said Jan Lundin, President of the Swedish Travel and Tourist Industry Federation (RTS). "In particular, we congratulate Göta Canal Rederi, which with its smorgasbord of Swedish experiences was ranked high by all countries on the jury. We are very happy that so many newcomers to the club are rated so highly among the foreign tour operators."

    Other finalists were Kungsleden (the King's Trail), Astrid Lindgren's World, Skansen, Åre Skistar, Stockholm Adventure and Säfsen Resort.

TRIP Awards
Delivered by the Swedish Travel and Tourist Industry Federation (RTS) to successful entrepreneurs in three categories:

    Comeback of the year: Ramundberget ski resort.

    Other finalists were Ängavallen and Travel Partners.

    Jury citation for this year's comeback, Ramundberget:
    "Present management has shown that anything goes! Ramundberget is now one of Sweden's most exclusive mountain destinations. After an extremely difficult economic situation at times, the mountain centre has once again succeeded in shifting the curve upward. It has set new standards for quality and managed to create something unique. Among other things, the restaurant "Thousand", which is located at the tree line at 1000 metres, won first prize in the Holiday category for Completed Buildings at the prestigious World Architecture Festival in Barcelona 2009. "
  • Newcomer of the year: TreeHotel.
    Other finalists were Köpings Vingård and Bro Hof Slott.

    Jury citation for this year's newcomer, TreeHotel:
    "TreeHotel has gone that one step further and burst the boundaries of the possible. Even before it was up and running, the company had managed to create a high degree of expectation, even hype, on an international scale. Working with the natural conditions of their forest setting, TreeHotel has combined courage, innovation, design, and a little bit of craziness to take the business to new heights. "
  • Best marketing and distribution: the Swedish Tourist Association (STF).
    Other finalists included SAS and CreActive Adventure.

    Jury citation for the best marketing/distribution, Swedish Tourist Association (STF):
    "STF has proven to be exceptionally innovative and has taken a new approach to the market to revitalize its brand and image of the business. Following a consistent strategy, focused on today's consumer market behaviour, the association has boosted its marketing activities not only in the conventional media but also through new channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, resulting in a dramatic increase in visitors and hits on their blogs and websites. In "Sweden's most Swedish Job" and "National Dress of Today" (Folkdräkt 2.0) campaigns, STF has set an example far beyond its own sector of how to operate successfully using the new channels of communication. Talk about rejuvenation! "

Other finalists receiving honourable mentions: Bro Hof Slott, Köpings Vingård, Travel Partner, Ängavallen, CreActive Adventure and SAS.