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Welcome to the Association of Swedish Museums!
Sweden’s museums are a real treasure trove. Throughout the country there are large and small museums that bring history, art, technology, working life, nature and the environment, people of interest and much much more to life, in a vital and thrilling manner. The museums cover everything from horse trotting to Greek culture, glassworks history and astronomy. They are museums that explain, interpret and challenge everything human – and a little more besides.

In recent years, many museums have undergone rapid development and are now able to offer more than before. Naturally you are still able to enjoy fantastic exhibits, thrilling stories, beautiful and even challenging art, and even more besides.

Many museums have also become popular meeting places because they offer a personal touch and dedicated staff, serve good coffee (or locally produced and profiled food) and because they have wonderful, unique goods in their shops.

Developments like this mean that it’s not so surprising that Swedes have become one of Europe’s most museum-loving peoples. Each year, around 16 million museum visits are made in Sweden, which means that we are in the European top in relation to the number of inhabitants.

The Association of Swedish Museums brings together 150 of the country’s best and most important museums. Our website,, presents the museums and you can follow links to their websites for more information.

Welcome to Sweden’s museums!

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