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- Uppsala, the coastal region Roslagen, Lake Mälaren, the Walloon ironworks villages and Lower Dalälven River Region

Visit the coastal region of the Baltic Sea, the moose in Lower Dalälven River Region, or the rock carvings in the Lake Mälaren district. Or experience the cultural history of the many Walloon ironworks villages in Uppland.

Lake Mälaren
- fabulous castles, parks and rich cultural heritage

Enköping and Håbo in the fair Lake Mälaren landscape. Near Stockholm and neighbor to the world – via Arlanda International Airport. Side by side with rock carvings, rune stones and castles, you will find perfect beaches, exciting activities and one of the world’s finest collections of Disney objects. In Enköping, there are parks for every mood.

- the big city with the small-town charm
The university city of Uppsala lies in the heart of Sweden, 40 minutes from Stockholm and 20 minutes from Arlanda International Airport. With 180,000 inhabitants, Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest city. Unique cultural treasures and an exciting history are to be found in the city of knowledge and inspiration. Uppsala has retained its small-town charm while offering a big city’s selection of shops, restaurants, and things to do.

The Walloon ironworks village
- a part of Swedish history

Nowhere else in the world is there anything like the Uppland ironworks villages. This was the birthplace of Swedish industrialism in the early 17th century. Visit the mines, blacksmith shops, manor-houses and parks in dramatized tours. Experience music, art, ghost adventures and dining underground.

- picturesque archipelago towns, music and the great outdoors
Roslagen is a region of islands and idylls. Picturesque wooden houses with lovely gardens blend with boutiques, restaurants, cafés and museums. Art, music and other events fill the calendar during cheery summer months. Other activities are hiking, cycling, riding, playing golf, fishing, canoeing and boat trips.

Lower Dalälven River Region
- where Dalälven River meets the sea

At one of Europe’s best sea trout waters, there’s room for more than just the big-time fisher. Besides fishing, there’s scope for swimming, golfing and handicrafts. In Östa you will find a swimming area with 5-km-long beach. The sea, the horizon and the gentle sound of the waves will free your mind.

     Photo: Kalbar, Uppsala Tourism
     Photo: Kalbar, Uppsala Tourism
     Photo: Kalbar, Uppsala Tourism
     Photo: Anders Damberg, Uppsala Tourism
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