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Greetings from Sweden, The county of Värmland and the area Munkfors-Ransäter

You are never far away from music and enjoyable tales in Munkfors-Ransäter. Pick up an event programme when you come here, we provide festivals and event all year round that might interest you. (high season May-August).

Munkfors-Ransäter is a cultural treasure, we have museums displaying the life of the former Prime Minister Tage Erlander, and cultural figures such as Erik Gustav Geijer. The Old Ironmill is a museum displaying how iron and steel became the foundation in developing a strong economy in the area. In Ransäters Heritage Center, one of Sweden's and finest, there are several museums that show various interesting themes during different time periods.

Nature activities:
Munkfors-Ransäter has nature activities such as hiking, mushroom, moose and beaver safaris etc. A major activity is cycling: 1. Klarälvsbanan, 90 km car-free bike track and 2. Klarälvsleden, 120 km bike track. The tracks are joint together and they run straight through Värmland along the river Klarälven.

Munkfors-Ransäter has a 1400 square-meter showroom by the river Klarälven where the art of Lars Lerin, one of Scandinavia's best watercolor painters, is displayed.

Welcome to Värmland and Munkfors-Ransäter!

Munkfors-Ransäter Tourist Office
Munkfors-Ransäter Tourist Office
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