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The Ammarnas boat taxi provides a unique means of travel along the roadless Tjulträsk valley. It can take you from the end of the road in the eastern Stor Tjulträsk to the boathouse in the west a distance of about 12 kilometres. There are at least five possible stops along the lake system that are suitable for starting or ending your hike. Alternatively you can choose a sightseeing tour that will enable you to see the sights of the valley.

The boat taxi is operated by Thorbjörn Ericsson, a Sami born in the valley, who can tell you about the settlements, animals and natural splendours of the district. He can advise on hiking routes or give you a guided tour of the lake and its surroundings. The valley is rich in wildlife, including moose, beaver, birds and fish. You can often see both eagle and beaver from the boat during the bright summer nights.

Kungsleden (The King´s Trail), Sweden´s most famous hiking trail passes through the valley and a local trail system around Ammarnäs is nearing completion. This is mostly for day trips but also connects with the long distance trails.

You can order a tasty picnic lunch of local products such as fish and reindeer meat and eat it somewhere in the valley.

Welcome to Vindelfjällen, one of Europe’s largest nature reserves with its beautiful and varied fell, lake and mountain environment.

Opening hrs:  07.00am - 10.00 pm 
Season:  Mid- June to Mid-October 
Price:  Look at our homepage or call us 
Info:  Treat yourself to the discovery of Tjulträskdalen 
Location:  Lake Stor-Tjulträsk 
Centre:  Ammarnäs in the center of Vindelfjällen nature reserve 

Ammarnäs Båt - Taxi
Ammarnäs Båt - Taxi
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