Västerbotten » Bertejaure

Bertejaure – “Birch-tree Lake”, home of the mountain farmer.

Lake Bertejaure is the place for our sustainable fishing lodge and a place for enjoying wildlife. Our company Vindelåforsens Stugby

    “the cottages by the rapids in the Vindelriver”
    - can offer you Cottage Retreat, Heritage Tales and Sustainable Fishing.
  • The Tale of Five Farmers: an excursion in nature, or if the weather is bad, an evening of storytelling in our culture house. From hunter-gatherer to eco agro tourism in 200 years using two hours with the sixth farmer as your host.
  • Cottage Retreat: challenge yourself to stay in a little cottage near the big mountains and experience all that nature offers depending on season, weather and your wishes. Eagle, trout, northern light, snow, elk, beautiful sunsets and the best sandy beach in the area.
  • Arts exhibition: Marita Norin, the designer of our Swedish ten-kronor coin, shows pictures and sculptures and the originals to the coins she has created for the Swedish mint factory. Marita also gives art classes on demand.
  • Meditation: to give your vacation that extra feeling of roots, we can offer you some simple ways to relax, be aware of your breathing and calm your mind.

The village of Ammarnäs is the local centre, situated in the middle of the Vindelmountain Nature Reserve. Vindelåforsens Stugby, member of the network ECEAT since 2000, can be found where the Royal Trail crosses the Vindel River, our national river. You can hear the rapids roaring almost all year round.

Opening hrs:  Weekdays 0700-1100 (office) 
Season:  February – April, June – August, October – December 
Price:  Cottage from SEK325.-/night, House from SEK 750.-/night, guided tours from SEK 375.- 
Info:  Eco Agro Tourism, Hiking, Accommodations, Wildlife, Retreat, Art. 
Location:  Ammarnäs 
Centre:  2 km, or 20 min by walking 

Vindelåforsens Stugby, P.O. Box 56, SE-92075 Ammarnäs
Tel: +46 952 61100