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What is Boda Borg?
A totally unique experience!

Boda Borg is Questing... totally breathtaking themed challenges you and your group try to survive. Tension and adrenaline rise every second as you enter unknown worlds and face unforeseen hurdles.

Experience world after world without knowing what awaits you next. One thing is for certain…mind and body are put to the test, as is your ability to cooperate with others. Boda Borg is an experience you will not soon forget.

Do you have what it takes?
No special skills or equipment are needed to enjoy Boda Borg Quests.
Adventurous groups of all ages from all types of lifestyles take on Boda Borg with great excitement and anticipation.

Our guests are so absorbed in the activity that we often hear “where did the time go so fast?” You can enjoy Boda Borg in as little as two hours, but be prepared to want to stay much longer.

But how does this Questing work at Boda Borg?
Groups of 3 – 5 people join together to take on the Quests. While any one person can be the hero of a Quest, no one person can survive a Quest alone. You need each other. Every Quest consists of 2 – 5 exhilarating and adrenaline pumping challenges typically designed in a common theme – much like a video game.

Conquer all the challenges of a Quest and you have survived the Quest. Lose your way in a Quest or attempt a wrong solution in a challenge and you then have the option to begin the Quest again or select another Quest…all for one price.

Boda Borg works much like a computer game...but no computers. Boda Borg is real people inside and trying to survive real games.

Come Experience The Quest at Boda Borg.


Experience The Quest at any of these 9 locations!

Karlskoga  +46 586-77 11 30 
Karlskrona  +46 455-61 54 75 
Oxelösund  +46 155-308 08 
Skellefteå  +46 910-70 12 70 
Sävsjö  +46 382-675 50 
Torpshammar  +46 691-12 200 
Visby  +46 498-26 11 90 
Östersund  +46 63-14 05 40 
Ireland  +353 71 967 3122 
For guidance on which location may work best for your needs or for general information on any matter, contact:  
Europe Corporate Office Boda Borg Europe Tel +46 691 76 4010  (Swedish language site)  (English language site) 

Opening hrs:  Typically 9:00 – 18:00, but location hours may vary
Special evening/night hours can be arranged 
Season:   Open All Year   
Prices:    SEK 110 for 2 hours
SEK 160 for “as long as you want”
Prices may vary by location  
Information:  Reality-Gaming Quests for families, friends, groups, businesses, and school classes. Ages 8 – 70 enjoy Boda Borg tremendously. Younger kids will require the supervision of adults. Boda Borg is live action, active entertainment with both high physical and non-physical experiences. Boda Borg is an exhilarating, adrenaline pumping experience.   
Location:   8 locations in Sweden
1 location in Ireland  
Center:   Oxelösund: 120 Kilometers from Stockholm, Sweden
Sävsjö: 100 Kilometers from Jonköping, Sweden
Karlskoga 50 Kilometers from Örebro, Sweden
Torpshammar 50 Kilometers from Sundsvall, Sweden
Lough Key Forest 130 Kilometers from Dublin, Ireland
All other Boda Borg locations are within their respective city limits.  
Email: (corporate office)
Location email addresses are above   
Phone:   +46 691 76 4010   
Address:   Boda Borg 100, 840 13 Torpshammar, Sweden (corporate office). Locations are listed above   

Boda Borg Europe AB
Boda Borg Europe AB
Boda Borg 100, SE-840 13 Torpshammar
Tel: +46 0691-764010