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Experience Europe’s beautiful wilderness in Southern Lapland’s deep forests and barren mountains. Here is something for almost everyone. For those looking for tranquility, the silence and serenity of nature is just around the corner while the adventurous can swoosh down ski slopes, drive snowmobile or enjoy the wilderness from ground level from behind a team of sled dogs.

There is a great diversity in the animal world in our varied landscapes. Why not enjoy your freshly caught perch grilled over an open fire on a bright summer night? Participate in a guided hunting or fishing trip with one of our award-winning companies and take a fight with the old pike or sneak up on wild game in the forests. In our water are plenty of char, grayling and trout and the forests are filled with wild birds and animals.

The destination has plenty of space and many attractions connected with nature as well as the old Sami culture. Three mountain valleys with their characteristic mountain tops and deep valleys provide you with beautiful sceneries and great nature, gorgeous hiking trails, exciting activities and many historical sites. In the deep woods east of the mountain range, evidence from the old inland ice are visible in the form of deep canyons, vertical cliffs and caves. There are great cultural offerings of both known and unknown writers, artists, musicians and architects. Not to mention our talented local craftsmen and women.

For those wanting to experience popular life, a variety of events are held throughout the year. Åsele Market, northern Sweden’s biggest festival, attracts up to 150 000 visitors to shop and party each summer. During Wilhelmina Winter Weekend competitive people, with the ability to withstand coldness, fight to win the prestigious ice pole sitting contest. During the homestead days in Dorotea the locals show their villages’ best side to the many visitors.

There are many options on how to get to Destination Southern Lapland. Convenient is to fly to Sagadal Airport in Vilhelmina. In the summer you can come by the railway Inlandsbanan which in itself offers a great experience. For those of you who come by bus or car, you can choose from several roads: E 45 (the Continental Road), Road Seven Rivers, the Saga Road or the Wilderness Road.

There is enough to experience to make you want to come back over and over again.

  • Dorotea Turistbyrå
    Storgatan 42
    SE-917 81 Dorotea
    Tel: +46 942 140 63
  • Vilhelmina Turistbyrå
    Tingsgatan 1
    SE-912 33 Vilhelmina
    Tel: +46 940 398 86
    Fax: +47 940 398 84
  • Åsele Turistbyrå
    Centralgatan 35
    910 60 Åsele
    Tel: +46 941 140 78
    Fax: 0941 140 79
Destination Southern Lapland
Destination Southern Lapland