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Gold of Lapland is a destination you can easily travel to: there are two airports nearby and a couple more just outside the area; the railroad goes right through Gold of Lapland with multiple stops, and of course you can also travel by bus or car.

Here you will find a magnificent natural environment and a glorious sense of calm that can easily be combined with action-packed activities and unique experiences. You can take a bath in hot tubs in darkness of the forest under a starlit sky, or ride the world's longest cable way on a magical journey. Join a snowmobile safari and search for moose, king of the forest, and savour the taste of food cooked over an open fire.

For the culturally inclined, we offer everything from pilgrimages, visits to an underground church, or encounters with the Sami way of life. Have your customers tried most things? May we suggest driving on ice with quad bikes or cars.

How do you want to stay? Gold of Lapland has everything: wilderness living in the woods, camping cabins, and hotels in the wild or in the heart of town.

We dare say that in the Gold of Lapland is a veritable "smorgasbord" of experiences, easy to package precisely to your target groups. Contact us so that we can find the right contact for you to work with in our region.

   Photo: Henning Wüst
Photos: Marit Åsén
Gold of Lapland
Gold of Lapland
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