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Care, passion and quality for 60 years ...
Laisaliden is situated in one of Sweden's most magnificent but easily accessible Alpine regions, the mountains of Västerbotten in southern Lapland.

The hotel is one of the highest in Lapland and is located at the tree line on the north slope of Storfjället. Here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the network of lakes in the valleys and mountain ranges Rivovardo, Södra Storfjället, Oxtinderna and Artfjället. There is a genuine sense of tradition: Laisaliden is a family hotel run with the same care, passion and commitment to quality today as 60 years ago. It's in the walls.

Experience our early summer, the light nights, the birds – wild geese, grouse, bluebirds, ruff and many more – some nesting here, others on their way north. If you are lucky, you will also see eagle's savage dance.

High summer with its unusual and diverse flora, sport fishing and tours to the peaks as far as the eye can see. You can walk dry-shod along the established trails, Drottningleden och Kungsleden, the Queen's Trail and the King's Trail. You can drink the clear water in the streams or just enjoy our waterfall.

Late summer with its profusion of colours, its abundance of berries and mushrooms. Admire the rough-legged buzzard hunting for small game. Grill your fresh-caught trout over an open fire, listening to the rapids. Smell the fresh coffee.

Winter in all its stillness: a starry sky where the northern lights put on a magical fireworks display. Marvel at the silence and the pure white snow that swirls in the light wind. Follow the tracks of lynx as you ski down the ravine... an Alpine "Mecca" is just few minutes away.

Tranquil luxury with mountain flair - for all. Many private guests visit us to live life, enjoy themselves, walking in the mountains and passing the time in classic guesthouse style. A mountain vacation in one of Sweden's highest mountain hotels is that rarity, an everyday luxury - available to all.

Start your day with a big breakfast. Be sure to pack your lunch and fill the thermos. After some hours in the mountains, it's time for a sauna and relaxation before the highlight of the day, dinner. You have your own table during the entire stay. We serve a three-course meal at the table, often with local ingredients. Choose a good wine from the well composed wine list.

After dinner, you drink your coffee in the lounge in front of the fire, chatting with other guests or reading awhile in the library. The small pleasures of life in a family hotel.

High-level conferences
Laisaliden is a modern conference centre, high up on the mountain in comfortable seclusion. You and your team have the entire mountain top to yourselves. Here the road ends and no one knows what guests we have. All our attention and service is just for you.

Choose an activity that will be this year's topic of conversation when you get home again. Outside by a crackling log fire under the northern lights and sparkling stars, or indoors with a Sami evening. The only limit is your imagination. We will quote you a price on everything from lunch or dinner to accommodation, activities and travel.

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Tel: +46 0954-21100