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Skellefteå Museum, situated in the Nordanå Park, is a county museum presenting the cultural heritage of Västerbotten in Skellefteå, Norsjö and Malå. The museum is also responsible for the technological and industrial history of the county after 1900. Three permanent exhibitions cover local prehistory, the agrarian society and the history of Skellefteå town. The local historical institute and the document room provide additional information and research facilities. Hålla House is an information centre for local planning and conservation. Museum Anna Nordlander specializes in women's art.

The park is also the site of our open-air museum with exhibitions at Kågegården and Nyborg, a former officers' residence. The museum runs the village shop and cafe in the park, and local craftsmen organize a market three times a year.

15 km east of Skellefteå centre by the Skellefte River is Stackgrönnans boat museum, housing one of the country's largest collections of its kind. 30 km east of the centre at is Bergrum Boliden, an "experience museum" reflecting the development of the mining industry in Västerbotten.

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Skellefteċ Museum
Skellefteċ Museum
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