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Experience our great shop with all sorts of quality handicrafts created by local artisans. In the gallery, see a new exhibition every 14 days. Take in the smell of freshly baked flatbread in the bakery. Enjoy a cup of coffee, sandwich or home-baked cake in the café. The beautiful view of the river is on us!

Opening hrs: 11.00 - 18.00 
Season:  15/5-13/6 Sat & Sun, 14/6-20/8 daily, 21/8-12/9 Sat & Sun. Groups are also open by appointment. 
Price:  Free admission 
Info:  In our large handicap-friendly store and showroom, we offer a great sort of Crafts of very good quality 
Location:  Vännäsby, N 63º 55' 22.71", E 19º 51' 21.84" RT90 
Centre:  Vännäs 5 km. Umeå 25 km 
Slöjdarnas Hus
Slöjdarnas Hus
Vännänget, SE-911 91 Vännäs
Tel: +46 935-20782