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Unicorn farm offer recreational packages for those who want to experience serenity, nature and adventure in the beautiful natural environment surrounding Vindelriver, Västerbotten. Experience trail riding in magic deep green forests, horse and carriage, whitewater rafting in the mighty rapids of Vindelriver or peaceful hiking in the nature reserves. In the winter you can go trail riding in snow covered forests, go with horse and sled or try out timber logging the old fashion way with help of the big Ardenner horse on the farm.

Photos: of Lapland

All activities can be combined with meals on local produce, sauna and wood heated bath tubs, accommodation in wood cabin on a wilderness camp or hotel accommodation in city. Packaged tours as well as custom made packages available. The activities are suitable for families, couples, singles and small (company) groups who want to enjoy a relaxing and memorable experience – far away from the ordinary and hectic everyday life.

Opening hrs: Every day 
Season:  Whole year 
Price:  Contact us 
Info:  Trail riding, white water rafting, horse and sled/carriage, hiking, timber logging the old fashion way, meal with local produce, sauna, wood heated bath tubs and accommodation 
Location:  Västerbotten, Lycksele/Vindeln 
Centre:  Lycksele, Vindeln and Umeå 
Unicorn Farm
Unicorn Farm
Ekorrsjö 75, SE-921 99 Lycksele
Tel: +46 73-08 353 08