Västerbotten » Vännäs

There’s always a reason to visit Vännäs!

Since Vännas is a small municipality it’s never far away from what you’d like to experience. There are many things to see and do as well as plenty of places to cool down with a dip in the water or do some exciting fishing. The living countryside contributes with a wealth of things to see and there are so many unique spots that you’re sure to find your very own special place!

Since Vännas is situated in a beautiful, rolling landscape around the confluence of the Vindelälven and Umeälven rivers you’ll find it a place to stay that is definitely out of the ordinary – something that we call quality of life!

The tourist information centre, telephone +46 935 140 00, can provide you with more information on things to see, do and experience as well as places to stay and eat during your time in Vännäs and its surroundings. Come for the day or stay forever!

  • Hemberget in Vännäsby.
    A rural centre with a school museum, tenement soldier’s cottage, lodge and the King Stones.
    Tel: +46 935 354 76
  • Gården Hällan.
    Exhibition of old appliances from the early 1900s., music and refreshments.
    Tel: +46 70 562 65 67,
  • Vännäs Motormuseum.
    An aircraft and vehicle museum housed in an aircraft hangar from 1927.
    Tel: + 46 70 660 66 88,
  • Pengsjö Museum.
    Knowledgeable guides take you on a journey through the lives of the settlers and share their fantastic tales with you. Refreshments.
    Tel: +46 70 623 83 35,
  • Slöjdarnas Hus.
    Quality handicrafts in all forms created by local craftsmen. Refreshments.
    Tel: + 46 935 207 82
  • Tuffa Tåg.
    Whether you’re interested in trains or not – pay a visit to one of Sweden’s largest and most fantastic garden railroads.
    Tel: +46 70 252 06 75
  • Selsknösen.
    Challenge your stamina and any fear of heights you may have! Visit the lookout at Selsknösen. Signposted. Vännäs Läger. In 1990 the regiment moved in to these barracks that were considered to be extremely modern and hygienic for the time. Signposted.
  • Vännäs Läger.
    In 1990 the regiment moved in to these barracks that were considered to be extremely modern and hygienic for the time. Signposted.
  • Elephants in Fällforsen.
    Walk along the river’s steep sandy banks or visit the remarkable elephants, caves and rock formations that over the course of thousands of years have been formed by the water into elephant heads, previously entirely concealed by the Fällforsen rapids.
  • Håknäs Hästbruk.
    Riding tours in the Norrland countryside on North Swedish Horses which are perfect for both experienced and inexperienced riders.
    Tel: +46 70 255 07 88
  • Merupplevelse.
    Try a beaver safari, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, ice climbing or even walking in snowshoes.
    Tel: +46 70 249 88 79
  • Simulatorskytte.
    Combine business with pleasure, train seriously or just have a go at a different kind of activity. Here you can train to shoot in an environment that is guaranteed to be mosquito-free.
    Tel: +46 70 200 94 19,
  • Vännäsbadet.
    Heated outdoor 25 and 50 metre pools and a paddling pool for the smaller family members. Refreshments.
    Tel: +46 935 141 75
  • Middagsberget.
    Slalom slope with two ski runs, two lifts, a half pipe and refreshments.
    Tel: +46 935 203 45