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Visitors from far away, homecomers and locals from Umeå and Västerbotten all gather at the oasis of Gammlia every summer. Gammlia is just a pleasant walk away from the town centre. Meet the caretaker, the maids and the farmhands when they tend to the animals and do all kinds of chores among the beautiful Västerbotten farmhouses.

Inside the museum you can learn more about life in Västerbotten in the old days. There you will also find the world’s oldest ski, which is more than 5,000 years old! The rich collection of skis describes the development of the ski until the days of Anja Pärson. The top floor of the museum houses the modern exhibition about the growth of Umeå. If you want to learn more about old houses and get renovation tips, please visit the separate exhibition about building preservation.

Opening hrs: Tues-Fri: 10-16, Sat: 12-16, Sun: 12-17. Extended opening hours during summer 
Season:  All year 
Price:  Free entrance 
Info:  At Västerbottens Museum you can experience the county´s cultural history. 
Location:  Gammlia 

Västerbottens museum
Västerbottens museum
Gammlia, SE-903 04 Umeå
Tel: +46 90 17 18 00