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Sorsele – an adventurous county

The county of Sorsele lies in the north-western corner of the region bordering Norrbotten and Norway. Vindelfjällens nature reserve, the largest in Western Europe is mostly situated within the county.

We strive for a green and economical sustainable development of society. Environmental issues, processing of local raw materials, quality and environmental tourism is the priority. In the mountain town of Ammarnäs there are four tourist businesses all certified by the Naturens bästa authority.

Vindelälven, the national river is the main artery for the whole of the county. Here are many forest and mountain lakes. There are unlimited and varied fishing opportunities. In the mountain lakes you fish for trout and char and in the waterways you can find grayling and trout. In the forest lakes you find trout, grayling, pike, perch etc. The salmon of Vindelälven have their most important spawning grounds here. The fish preservation society works actively and strives to maintain sustainable fishing so that the generations to come can experience the same quality of fishing that we have today.

Sorsele is nearby – just 2.5 hours from Arlanda airport. You fly either to Storuman or Arvidsjaur and then either by taxi or rental car to Sorsele.

The location is near the Indlandsbanan railway and is the main artery for the Inlandsvägen (route E45) and the beautiful road Vindelälvsvägen (route 363).


Vindelälvens Tourist Office
Stationsgatan 19, SE-920 70 Sorsele
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