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If there is a Swedish city that has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix and dazzled the rest of the world with its new splendour, it must be Sundsvall. After the major fire in 1888, the city was rebuilt with the insurance money and contributions from the rich timber magnates. It was built entirely in stone and designed by the leading architects of the time, who took pride in outdoing each other. Today, Sundsvall is the capital of Norrland, a city buzzing with life and activity more than ever. Come to the Tourist Office and we'll give you our hottest tips on how to find all the great things that are going on.

Experience the best shopping in northern Sweden.
Shopping is one of Sundsvall’s strongest features. The range and variety are of big city standard and attract visitors from near and far. In Sundsvall City “Stenstaden” there are over 200 shops and the IN shopping centre has three shopping districts under the same roof. Just north of Sundsvall is Birsta, where you’ll find a IKEA store and Norrland’s biggest shopping centre, Birsta City, which has 95 shops. Birsta has everything you could imagine for the family, leisure activities and the home, and a wide range of concept stores and DIY stores.

Entertain yourself with events, happenings, festivals and an International Casino.
Do you like going out and having fun? We do. And the culture and entertainment on offer in Sundsvall bears this out. Casino? Events or festivals?, Sports? Night Clubs? The Tourist Office provides tips on all the places where there’s always plenty going on. Sundsvall has more than 60 restaurants, bars and pubs, more restaurants than anywhere else in Norrland. Most have outdoor seating areas in the summer, and many of the world's cuisines are represented.

Himlabadet – Great water adventure for all ages
Our brand new adventure water park offers a fantastic aquatic experience with attractions for young and old alike. It is the first pool in Europe to have a Surfstream surf machine. It’s just like surfing on real waves. The pool also offers waterslides, a waterfall, a cave, play sculptures and whirlpools. In the relaxation zone there are a various of saunas, steam baths, hot and cool pools, experience showers and areas just to chill out. The entire pool complex is adapted for disabled and visually impaired people in both terms of design and colour of the rooms. Himlabadet also has an outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant where you can by food and drinks.

Explore a beautiful landscape that shows great character and variety.
Nature is within easy reach in Sundsvall: sea, rivers, lakes, forests and mountains offer peace and quiet, drama and beauty, mushroom and berry picking, hunting and fishing. Then there are the driving, cycling, canoeing, riding and walking trails, ski tracks and slopes. And don't forget the sun and beaches!

Here are two examples of beautiful trips in Sundsvall:

  • “The coast road” is 75 km of Norrland summer at its best. It is also an excellent alternative to the E4-road with many opportunities to stop a while along the unique coastal strip between Mellanfjärden in the south and Svartvik in the north.
  • Main roads 86 and 87 between Sundsvall and Östersund are called “Indalsleden” and said to be one of the most beautiful tourist routes in Sweden. The entire route along the Indalsälven valley is an outdoor activities eldorado.
Sundsvall Tourist Office
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