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Welcome to silvery Sala!

Discover just how close it is between exciting adventures and peaceful relaxation in these historical surroundings where wilderness is waiting around the corner. And right next to this fantastic countryside lies the picturesque town centre full of charming colourful wooden buildings.

The Sala Silver Mine is Sweden's richest silver mine ever. For more than 400 years, man mined silver in the big mine until it was closed down in 1908. Today the mine is a popular tourist attraction and their experienced guides tell you of a fantastic chapter in industrial history. The mine area has also been developed into a venue for events, adventures and conferences.

Svartådalen in Sala is a unique culture landscape, rich in nature and culture tradition. It´s historically a farming area but it still possesses a wealth of forests, lakes, hay meadows and open wetlands. It´s perfect for birds and wildlife. You can go on canoe safari, birdwatching, forest trekking or fishing alongside experienced guides.

Opening hrs:  Mo-Fr 8.00-17.00
Summertime also
Sat 10.00-15.00 
Location:  105 km northwest of Stockholm, 37 km north of Västerås 

Sala Tourist Office
Sala Tourist Office
Stora Torget 1, SE-733 30 Sala
Tel: +46 224 552 02
Fax: +46 224 773 22