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The idea for Jultorp Ranch came to me on the top of a hill in Montana in 1992. I took my sleeping bag up there and slept alone. I watched the sun go down and up – it was magnificent. Everything was tranquil and my thoughts drifted between my job at home and the free and easy work in the valley. I was there to herd cattle, try my hand at ranch work and learn more about western riding and the cowboys’ way of riding and handling horses.

Lollo Nilsson, founder of JultorpRanch

Jultorp Ranch has now developed into a unique business that is without equal in Europe. Activities are focused on teaching people to handle, ride and communicate with the horse. You are very welcome to hold your conference at Jultorp Ranch, where we can offer you a unique programme. The ranch has 26 western horses, most of which are Quarter horses. Stable and large paddocks. Two saloons with their own restaurant kitchen, indoor arena, hotel with 59 beds.

Opening hrs:  February-19 December 
Season:  All year 
Price:  See website 
Info:  Choose from 2-6 days’ intensive training in horsemanship and western riding, with full board. You’ll be in the saddle for about 11 hours + theory. Eat good food and sleep soundly 
Location:  in the heart of Västra Götaland 
Centre:  45 min north of Borås, 70 min north of Göteborg 
Jultorp Ranch
Jultorp Ranch
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